24 Jul

Theme of the year: STEM – The power that empowers.

Dear Parent,

At The Universal School, we believe that physical education and sports programs teach the young learners important skills like conflict resolution, team work, fair play and time management and a positive attitude towards everyday life. To achieve this objective, we are planning to conduct sports tournaments for our students.

You are requested to fill in the below details. Kindly choose the game according to your child’s proficiency.

Name of the student:  _________________________      Class/Div._________

Age/ DOB: ____________________     Game : _________________________

(Chess, Carrom, Swimming, Gymnastics,  Karate, Judo, Table Tennis, Badminton , Football, Cricket, Handball, Volley ball, Kho-Kho, Basket Ball,  Kabaddi or any other)

Our Best

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