Jr.Kg – August 2017

Theme for the month: Animal Kingdom

According to Early Care and Education professionals, nature provides great opportunities to learn more about animals, foster curiosity, and nurture children’s innate feelings of love and concern for wild creatures. These skills and feelings are more important today than ever!

As young children are drawn to animals of all kinds, there is definitely something special about children’s interest in animals. Thus through this theme your child will learn about animals and their habitat. They will get an in depth knowledge about apes and reptiles and the differences between them. As parents you can support your children in their growing awareness and interest in animals which would lead to deeper feelings of compassion and empathy in young children.

Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, technology and Role plays will be the methodology.


Your child will learn the letters ‘CK’,‘Ee’,‘Hh’,and ‘Rr’, with their phonic sounds, how to blend and read 3 letter words and tricky words: me, go, no. Your child will also explore rhymes, stories, show and tell activity, picture talks, book browsing and newspaper reading.

Do reinforce the use of tricky words: I, the, he, she and do keep reading to them every day and make your home a print rich space.

 Life Skills :

Good manners at School : This month, the child will learn about good manners at school which will foster a sense of respect for the school. Students will also learn about cooperation, sharing and caring for the peers.


The child will be introduced to numerals, concepts of colour and size.

Dates to Remember:

4/08/2017Raksha Bandhan CelebrationStudents to come dressed in traditional wear.
5/08/2017Visiting DayParents are requested to adhere to the time slot given in the Almanac.
11/08/2017Janmashtami CelebrationStudents to come dressed in traditional wear.
14/08/2017Independence DayStudents to wear clothes that depict the tricolour.
18/08/2017Red Day


Students to carry a well labelled red object for the Show and Tell activity.
23/08/2017Gardening ActivityStudents to bring daddy’s old T-shirt to wear at the time of the activity.
24/08/2017Ganesh Chaturthi CelebrationStudents to come dressed in traditional wear.

A soft copy of the Rhymes for the month will be mailed to you.

At Home You Can:

Read books about animals to your children and encourage their limited screen time to programmes with animals as the central characters. A visit to the zoo/wildlife sanctuaries is also recommended.

Spend your leisure time outdoors, as even the sight of a common squirrel or even a trail of ants on a sidewalk can be exciting and special. If you do come across wildlife, allow the children to observe and share their discoveries. Encourage their questions and conversations.

 Web resource links that can help you in your venture include:






As this month is full of festival celebrations you could discuss the importance of each festival. Children will be exposed to the significance of each festival in an age appropriate manner in school.

Looking forward to an eventful month of learning and celebrations.