Nursery – July 2017


Theme for the month: Farm Friends

Introducing your child to farm animals at an early age will result in a greater understanding of responsibility and compassion. Through this theme your child will learn about pets and farm animals and how they are useful to us. Your child will get a better understanding of how animals are classified based on their abilities, skills and habitat. He/she will learn in detail about each pet and farm animal: food, family, sounds, physical features, needs, health and care. He/she will also be introduced to rain and rain creatures.

Drama and technology aided lessons will help them to enhance their learning experience.


Vocabulary will be enhanced through the introduction of letters ‘Dd’, ‘Ee’, ‘Ff’, and sight words related to the theme. Along with these, various activities like show and tell, picture talks, rhymes and stories will be done on a regular basis.

Life – skills:

Dining Etiquettes: Help your child develop and implement good dining etiquettes in their daily life, so that they become part of their personality.


The child will be introduced to numerals, concepts of colour and size.

Dates to Remember:

01/07/2017Health CampA detailed circular will be sent.
10/07/2017Bangle Art ActivityStudents to carry three small round bangles.


14/07/2017Green  DayStudents to wear green coloured clothes and carry a well labelled green object for the ‘Show and Tell’ activity and a small plastic pot with soil in it.

A soft copy of the Rhymes for the month will be mailed to you.

At Home You Can:

Explore books and visit websites related to the theme to make learning more interesting.

 Links that can help you in your venture include:

 Farm friends

All about farm animals

Looking forward to an exciting month of exploration and learning.