Message from the Principal

At The Universal School, our paramount objective is the holistic personality development of our learners and with this ethos, we have made learning a vibrant and creative process. Through a range of effective and innovative pedagogical techniques and an array of engaging activities, we develop the aptitude and acumen of every child. Through meaningful projects and presentations, we ignite the creativity in our students. A stimulating learning environment at The Universal School endeavors to familiarise students with real-world scenarios and allows them to experiment and learn great life lessons.

As a school community, we believe that children flourish in their learning and growth when parents and educators join together in a partnership that is characterized by clearly defined and shared responsibilities, open lines of communication, trust, mutual respect, and a common goal: doing what is best for the student to develop the whole child.

The ethos and philosophy of The Universal School strives to turn out individuals with multi-dimensional interests who have a hunger for knowledge, have a broad world-view, can think out-of-the-box, and are ‘driven’ to achieve their academic and career goals.

Another Odyssey of conquests and triumphs has begun, and it has begun with our students making their way into the world.

Sonali Sinha