Cambridge Primary

Grades 1 to 5

Universal’s Primary Years Programme is built around the Cambridge Primary curriculum framework. During these years, we motivate a learner to be increasingly curious & discover information about the surrounding world.

International curriculum

Appropriate and relevant internationally, the Primary Programme has been designed to be culturally sensitive. It includes top–quality teaching & assessment resources appropriate for teaching and learning in international schools.

Foundation for secondary education

The Primary programme aids identification of a learner’s strengths & weaknesses to support learning & development. The Primary programme enables learners to seamlessly move into the Cambridge Secondary 1 programme.

External benchmark

As an international programme, the Primary programme provides teachers with an external benchmark to easily measure learners’ progress over time.


Cambridge Primary complements a range of teaching methods & curricula.

Core subjects include

  • English, Math, Science and Social Sciences
  • Hindi, French, Marathi
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Dance, Arts, Martial Arts,Physical Education,Music
  • Life Skills and Value Education
  • Coding

Life skills

In our goal to provide a holistic education that develops responsible global citizens, our school uses a well researched and developed Life Skill program to impart ethics, values and civic sense to our students. We believe that an ideal learning environment shapes young students into confident and conscientious adults. We actively promote community engagement and open dialogues amongst students which sharpens their sensitivity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


At the Primary Grade Levels, we conduct Periodic Progression Tests through written and activity-based assignments based on the various learning experiences enjoyed by the students during the teaching-learning sessions.