Cambridge Secondary

Grades 6 to 8

While the primary years establish a solid platform of enquiry and create a thirst for knowledge, the middle years shift the emphasis of enquiry. During these 3 years, understanding the prescribed academic concepts is of prime importance. Students continue to question and learn through active experience but in the middle years, great focus and attention are paid to the facts and principles underlying each subject. Extensive participation in co-curricular activities is mandatory while special age-appropriate programmes also form part of the educational milieu.

Our classrooms are dynamic spaces and students will  work in groups, pairs and individually. They are encouraged to show their learning in many different ways for eg. presentations, demonstrations, quizzes, peer assessment as well as tests.

The Cambridge Secondary 1 provides an excellent preparation for the next stage of education – the IGCSE.

Core subjects include









Social Sciences

Physical Education/Sports


Martial Arts


Life Skills and Value Education


Vedic Mathematics

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Career Counselling (Grade 8)

Life skills

In our goal to provide a holistic education that develops responsible global citizens, our school uses a well researched and developed Life Skill program to impart ethics, values and civic sense to our students. We believe that an ideal learning environment shapes young students into confident and conscientious adults. We actively promote community engagement and open dialogues amongst students which sharpens their sensitivity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.


At the Secondary Grade Levels, the students are being exposed to and trained for the Summative Evaluation pattern. Progression Tests are conducted periodically as well to check the effectiveness of the learning process.

  • Two Progression Tests. 
  • Two Term-end examinations.
  • Feedback/Reflection — In a year,four feedback sessions are scheduled for the Parents where they meet the Teachers and get feedback regarding the progress of the student.

    Cambridge Lower
    Secondary Checkpoint

    Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests are external assessment tests. The aim of checkpoint tests is to provide a cumulative measure of performance at the end of the lower secondary learning phase,identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses from the test-result analysis.