We believe that it is important to draw inspiration and teach in a way that challenges the creative brain in your children, keeps them fit, and inculcates life skills within them for the long run. Such an exposure to a plethora of co-curricular experiences in Fine arts, Visual arts, Performing arts, Physical Education, Fitness and sports programmes, Information and Communication Technology integration make learning at Universal complete.


Physical agility and the peace of the mind are both important for a sound life. We, at The Universal School, help the students live a healthy life with the help of Yoga. In the class, your child is introduced to meditation, the art of breathing and the asanas that keep fit every part of the human body.


Our life skills curriculum offers sound values and skills to nurture the child to become an active global citizen, committed to finding solutions to the challenges of life in the 21st century.


Disaster Management Programme deserves a special mention as it prepares our students to deal with unforeseen eventualities. Under this faculty, we conduct regular emergency drills and teach the students the importance of safety.


Equipped with a wide assortment of musical instruments, the music and dance learning facility provides the students with an ambiance for self-expression and an opportunity to have fun! It is truly a ‘note’ worthy place.


In keeping with our policy of specialized education, arts & crafts, as well as work experience, are a part of our education programme.


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To introduce our students to the world of performing arts, we conduct regular workshops to involve and engage the children. These workshops are specifically aimed at improving diction, language and are a helpful tool for the children to overcome stage fright.


Films are not just entertainment. They open up the world for you, introduce you to new people through their stories, and are a great teaching aid! At The Universal School, your children are introduced to age-appropriate world cinema, aimed at sensitizing them towards Human Rights and to help develop the sense of aesthetic within them.


Sports and physical activity are an essential component of education. Following from our belief that every child has intrinsic potential, we intend to provide our students with essential physical opportunities. Inter-school competitions are treated with appropriate seriousness so that students learn to make winning and losing gracefully a part of their lives.


The Universal School has introduced Shiamak Davar’s Dance Education Program, specially designed for school children and taught by highly qualified, skilled, and trained SDIPA instructors. SDE’s objective is to offer our students an opportunity to learn dance with a special focus on styles and techniques.

The programme draws inspiration from Jazz techniques, Ballet exercises, Indian dance forms, Yoga, Physical Training Disciplines, Dance Therapy activities, and the Theatre Arts to offer students an outlet for personal growth and creative expression.

Dance is a therapeutic activity since it enables a direct expression of emotions and thoughts that learners may not be able to otherwise express. Although the most important essence of dance is creative expression and fun, the dance class is structured to improve the following: fitness levels, confidence, concentration, discipline, posture, body awareness, attitude, appetite, memory, willpower, communication skills, team spirit, creativity and thus encourages all-round development.

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