Sr.Kg – July 2018

Theme for the month: Animal Kingdom

Tomorrow’s diversity depends on teaching today’s children to conserve wildlife and value and appreciate the same. Awareness of conservation begins when children are young. Thus taking, ‘Extinct and Endangered species’ as the theme for the month, our little ones will learn about these species and also one’s role and responsibility as a global citizen. We look upon the young generation to be a part of the conservation drive and help us conserve planet Earth.

Methodology: Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, technology, art and craft and role plays.


Introduction to digraphs and the revision of the below mentioned tricky words.

Your, go, no, so, my, do, all, are, you.

Phonic books will reinforce the concepts learnt.

Do reinforce the use of new vocabulary: gobble, gulp, swallow, conversation, talk, chat

anxious, worried, nervous ,dirty, soiled, pollute.

 Life Skills:

Cooperation: This month, the children will learn the value of cooperation. They will strive to cooperate, collaborate and lead or follow as the situation demands.


The students will learn numerals from 1 – 40 with number names three, four and five. We shall also do concepts of matching, introduction to oval shape with recapitulation of other shapes.

The concept of the Rainbow and its colours will be explained.

Dates to Remember:

Date Event/Activity Particulars
11/07/2018 Magical Monsoon Students to come dressed up or get any object related to monsoon season (e.g. – umbrella, mushroom, corn, rainbow, etc.) and say a few sentences on it.
21/07/2018 Project Display An invite with details will be sent.
25/07/2018 Gardening Students to bring daddy’s old T-shirt for gardening activity.

A soft copy of the Rhymes for the month will be mailed to you.

At Home You Can:

Encourage your child to watch television programmes and films on endangered species that stress the importance of conservation. The more interaction you have with the child about wildlife conservation, the more opportunities there are for them to appreciate the importance of our diverse and fragile ecology.

You may donate a portion of the child’s allowance to a reputable conservation group.

Web resource links that can help you in your venture include:

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TOP 10 Most Dangerous Dinosaurs

Dodo bird not extinct?

Endangered Animals

Animals that may go extinct

Extinct Animals

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Living and Nonliving Things for Kids

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How is a Rainbow Formed?

Rainbow Song

Download the Apps on your mobile / tablet using the given links:

Super puzzle

Counting numbers

Phonics match

KID MATH count number game

Phonic spelling & sight words

Dino Puzzle Games for Kids

 Looking forward to an exciting month of exploration and learning.