Jr. Kg. – October and November 2017

 Theme for the month: Going Green

Have you ever taken your child for a nature walk? He/She will love to pick up, look at, explore and question about leaves, nuts, twigs, rocks – just about anything he/she finds. Thus, knowledge about plants naturally lays the groundwork for future scientific learning and understanding. Plants have an easy-to-understand life cycle. They have four basic parts – roots, stem, leaves and flowers: children of this age can easily remember and identify them.

Through this theme your child will learn about varied aspects of a plant and its growth, and will be more aware about the specific characteristics of the parts of the plant. He/She will also learn how plants need to be nurtured and how to tend a garden, to identify different gardening tools and will learn the importance of water, sunlight and soil for plant growth.

Methodology: Effective usage of Audio Visual learning, technology, art and craft and role plays.


Your child will learn the letters ‘Uu’, ‘Ll’, ‘Ff’, and ‘Bb’ with their phonic sounds, how to blend and read 3 letter words and learn tricky words: do, are, your, you. Along with these, various activities like rhymes and stories, show and tell, picture talk, book browsing and newspaper reading will be done on a regular basis.

Do reinforce the use of tricky words: we, be, was, to.

 Life skills:

Good manners at Public Places: This month, the child will learn more about the good manners at public places, like behaving with courtesy, respecting public property and not disturbing other people.


There will be a progression in numerals, concepts of colours and shapes.

Dates to Remember:

DateActivity / EventParticulars
04/10/2017Joy of Giving WeekStudents to bring one toy/book in good condition, it will be donated to an NGO/ Orphanage.
07/10/2017World Elder’s DayInvite with details will be sent.
11/10/2017Gardening ActivityStudents to bring daddy’s old T-shirt to wear at the time of the activity.
13/10/2017Diwali PartyStudents to come in traditional wear.
14/10/2017Progress ReportsParents to come in the time slots given to them.
01/11/2017Button-UnbuttonStudents to bring a jacket with medium sized buttons.
10/11/2017Brown DayStudents to carry a well labelled brown object for the Show and Tell activity.
14/11/2017Children’s Day CelebrationStudents to come in party wear.

A soft copy of the Rhymes for the month will be mailed to you.

At Home You Can:

Read books about plant life to your child and encourage him/her to plant a sapling and water it daily.

By reading story books and making your home a print rich space, you will improve your child’s ability to master new learning.

Do make your child share his/her reflections of the stories read. This will develop thinking, reasoning as well as aid in confidence building. Please encourage him/her for every effort made; he/she will do better in a motivating and positive environment.

Real life learning experiences help children to see and explore nature; so a visit to a nursery is also recommended.

Web resource link that can help you in your venture include:

Parts of Plants

Sid the Seed

Learn more about Vegetables

Looking forward to an eventful month of learning and celebrations