Sr. Kg. – July 2017

Theme for the month: Farm Friends – All about Butterflies

If you ask a group of preschoolers about their favourite insect or bug, chances are you’ll get quite a few votes for the butterfly. They’re beautiful, gentle bugs and their metamorphosis is simply spectacular. Through this theme your child will learn about the life cycle of a butterfly in an exciting way. Learning about life cycles is not just important to understand the butterfly’s metamorphosis, but it is an important general life science concept. Additionally, it introduces the common notation for life cycles, which may seem obvious to us as adults, but understanding this graphic representation is a major milestone for our little ones.

 Your child will also learn about different types of butterflies thus enhancing the knowledge and general awareness about the insects which are a part of the larger animal kingdom. He/she will also learn to identify the common species from the rare and the endangered variety.

Drama and technology aided lessons will help to enhance their learning experience.


Introduction to digraphs and revision of the tricky words mentioned below:

I, the, he, she, me, be, we, to, was

Phonic books will reinforce the concepts learnt.

Do reinforce the use of new vocabulary: harm, hurt, ill-treat/mistreat, task, assignment, duty, pal, friend, buddy, appreciate, admire and praise.

Life- skills:

Respect- Do reinforce the life skill of respectful behavior- about accepting personal differences and treating others courteously.

Appreciation-This month, the child will learn the value of appreciating. He/she will strive to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the world and its people.


The child will learn numerals from 1 – 30 with number names one and two. We shall also do concepts of colour, pairing and recapitulation of shapes.

 Dates to Remember:

01/07/2017Health CampA detailed circular will be sent.
12/07/2017DramatizationStudents to get one colourful stole.
14/07/2017Fun with shapesStudents to dress up as any one shape (e.g. square, rectangle, circle or triangle) and say a few sentences on it.

 A soft copy of the Rhymes for the month will be mailed to you.

At Home You Can:

Take your child for nature walks to parks and encourage him/her to watch television programs that enhance his/her general knowledge. Spend your leisure time with your child by reading books.

To make their learning more interesting you can visit some websites mentioned below and explore books related to the theme.

Links that can help you in your venture include:

Difference between moth and a butterfly

Different types of butterflies

Life cycle of a Monarch butterfly

Looking forward to an exciting month of exploration and learning.