Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


On every floor fire extinguishers are installed. Our staff is trained regularly to handle any potentially dangerous situation. Fire evacuation drills are also carried out for the students with the help of fire fighting professionals.

Furthermore, all our electrical switches are above the height of five feet to ensure the safety of our younger students.

As we strongly believe in an inclusive philosophy our facilities are designed to meet the requirements of children with special needs.

Health & Wellness


All public areas such as corridors, staircases, gates and grounds are under CCTV surveillance.


As part of our policy we do not serve junk food or aerated drinks, instead our aim is to serve healthy meals created by a nutritionist for our students. The canteen personnel are kept informed regularly by way of workshops on hygienic cooking methods conducted by a qualified doctor.


Medical check-ups of students are done regularly.

Health & Wellness


In a revolutionary & innovative move, Universal has begun installing hand sanitizer dispensers at strategic locations through out the school.

Almost all the germs on hands are infectious. In order to prevent diseases from spreading, it is important to keep hands free of germs.

Soap and water are available in toilets. However, outside toilets, a hand sanitizer is an effective way of maintaining hand hygiene. It kills most of the germs on hands without the need of water or towel.

Health & Wellness

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