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Expressions School of Music and Performing Arts

Every child is born with a unique ability to express themselves. Each one demonstrates this skill in their own creative and distinctive imprint. We believe there is an artist alive in all of us, waiting to be further nurtured and groomed. 

At Universal, we take pride in our holistic and redefined Talent Program with the ‘Expressions School of Music and Performing Arts’ which has been created and designed specifically for children. 

This one of a kind initiative encompasses the best of India and the World, bringing the right exposure, knowledge, inspiration and passion for the arts right inside the classroom from a young age. This finely curated curriculum involves original content and teaching methods, with specially trained artist-educators that bring out the soft skills and sensitivity that comes by virtue of arts in the minds of children. 

Ranging from Indian, Classical, Folk, Rhythm, Technology, Production, Appreciation, World Genres, Confidence and Stage Training this is a complete experience that presents the spectrum of performing arts in a thrilling, educative and aspirational manner to the young minds. 

Through this program, Music and Performing Arts is no more seen as just an extra curricular activity but an integral part of a student’s journey evolving to be a greater person in life. The contribution of Performing Arts enhances the overall personality of an individual, physically, mentally and emotionally. These ‘beyond stage’ experiences makes art enjoyable as it is supposed to be and thus enables a child to overall perform better in other subjects too. 

With its two pillars being Music and Dance, these robust curriculums and talent development initiatives focus on the effects of these subjects on developing as an all-round individual. 

Our focus is to create more sensitive, agile, knowledgeable, graceful, and Universal confident youth, sowing the seeds of this from an early age. 

Through our additional programs such as Class Rockstar, Artists Clubhouse, Mini Composer and Media Content Production, we enable the child to identify art in themselves and foresee growth in a structured format. 

Everyone may not be a born dancer or a musician, but everyone is capable of artistic expression. This program revolves around nourishing that power of individual expression. Music expands the imaginative horizons, allows us to express differently, experience our emotions, listen better, improve motor skills and dance develops grace and groove in the body along with making us comfortable in our skin, overcoming inhibitions and accepting ourselves the way we are. 

Overall, it is the finer nuances of a personality that, in the long run, make a child grow up having that extra edge, X factor and shine forth through all walks of life. 

ESMPA is committed to making this vision a reality for the students under the program and for all those parents who always strive to give their children the best. The future of performing arts lies in our hands and the little hands who will leave their mark thereon in the world.