Students Stories

Siddhi Chudgar - Grade X

I am a published author with Pearson, a Merit Awardee, Bright Star Awardee, and an Olympiad Gold Medalist and the credit goes to my school.

I joined The Universal School family when I was in Sr. Kg. but never remember crying while coming to school because it always felt very safe like home! Right from the caretakers to my teachers, everyone loved and cared for us.

The school environment here is just great. My teachers have always supported me even beyond academics. Counseling, Career guidance, an engaging school environment and extra-curricular activities enable us to evolve into a better person, building our confidence and motivating us towards our goal. We are free to be curious and ask questions without hesitation!

The school always keeps the students updated on the upcoming inter-school competitions, events, and seminars. I have always wondered how I ever had the drive to excel beyond academics! Today, I look around and know the answer. 

Thank You Universal School!

Parth Tiwari - Grade XI

I am an International level Karate Champion, and was the Sports Captain and then the Head boy of the school.

I was selected to represent India at the Commonwealth Games held in Australia. Unfortunately, I missed the opportunity to participate. This was a tough time for me because I had nurtured this dream for years. It was my teachers who saw me through this time with motivation, care, and support.

The school has created this friendly home environment for all their students. I remember being a hothead all throughout my initial years. I would be angry all the time! There was a time when I was unable to attend lectures and had to give my exams a miss for my Karate matches. But it is my teachers and counselors who have helped me to evolve into a better and amiable person. My teachers would never hesitate to organize extra lectures after school hours. I am very much thankful for that!

I am happy that I joined IB Diploma Programme and continued at The Universal School because I feel that since my teachers understand my potential, they are able to guide me better. My teachers motivate me to challenge myself – to push my boundaries, grow past my comfort zone, and strive to become a self-learner.

I have loads of pleasant and exciting memories of the past 13 years right from the pre-primary stage – the years seem to have just flown by. Now with IB Diploma, I am sure it will help me to be well-rounded in both academics and activities and prepare me with the skills required for the careers ahead.

Soham Joshi - Grade V

I am a Raman Awardee and wish to become an astronomer and discover a planet that is far, far away, where humans can live.

Watching and studying celestial bodies have been my long cherished passion. I still remember how in Jr.Kg, we had set up a telescope in the school and the teachers helped us in identifying the different planets. In our school, academics and sports are given a lot of importance and we play many games like chess, carom, football, throw ball, dodgeball etc.

We eagerly look forward to our weekly music and dance periods and I particularly enjoy my dance classes conducted by Shaimak Dance Education instructors. We participate in many activities and competitions. Every Friday, we have co-curricular activities and we participate in inter-house competitions.

Our school library has many encyclopedias, DVDs, CDs, and many interesting storybooks. Our teachers take us to the Science labs and help us with practical learning and understanding of the Science concepts.

In fact, I had once constructed a catapult, made a video and posted it on YouTube and on the Raman Award website. They selected me and gave me a chance to visit Bangalore for the competition. In the final round, I decided to construct a tabla. Later, could not believe that I had won! I was very happy to have met scientists from NASA, DRDO and the granddaughter of the great scientist C.V Raman. 

I love my school and my teachers very much.